With all that has been happening, massage and soft tissue therapy treatments have changed. Here you will find out more about what to expect when you do go to book in you appointment. 

Please don't be put off. We are changing to make things safer. For everyone.

Change is in the air...

I think one of the biggest changes over the last few months, has been the sudden awakening to massage and massage therapy. We as therapist have always known what the benefits are. We are also aware of the different levels and types of training there are, and where we fit within the industry. However, where we are placed within the "health industry" and how we were regarded by the government has really woken us up to just how fickle that actually is when it comes to our work and our own health.

Whats changed?

When it came to reopening business after the first lockdown, Sports and Soft tissue therapy was grouped - as it always has been - with Massage Solons / Spas and even - yes it was - sex workers. Who I have nothing against, but I know for a fact that their clientele would never in a million years respond well to soft tissue therapy! 


It was considered safer to open pubs, than let us - in full PPE and with our clients wellbeing in hand - get back to work. So, with a lot of lobbying - we have changed that. And we are fully aware that we have to work harder to be respected for it. As an industry, we are going above and beyond to make sure our clients are safe. Our rooms even cleaner than before. 

So things have changed, but our treatments will remain consistent. We are here to make sure you have a comfortable week ahead of you. And work on maintaining good health for you and with you.

I will be keeping you updated and I very much look forward to meeting you.

© 2015 by Nua Massage. 

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