"Clare knows therapeutic massage like few do. She is an expert. A rare technician of the body."



—  Patrica


​​A little bit of heaven based in the heart of Hackney.


Dedicated to the holistic, Nua aims for a personal approach to each individual. Deep or superficial muscle tissue, stretching, lymphatic & blood circulation, or just for relaxing... All massages are tailored to the need of each person, with the aim of their own personal benefits...Eastern philosophies in East London.


Buy 5, one hour Massages (normally £325) for £290.

Choose what's best for you


We are all different. Buy a block of 5 massages to use when you need to. Saving 10% on each massage. Depending on what you need in that moment. Relaxing, sports or remedial for any injuries, niggles, and daily performance. Have someone stretch you out,  reducing stress, pain & muscle tension.

Be good to yourself. Buy yourself a good habit. 



Mon: Holistic Health, Broadway Market

Tue: The Refinery 3-8

Wed: The Refinery 3-8

Thurs: The Refinery 3-8

Fri: Holistic Health, Broadway Market

Sat: The Refinery 10-5

Sun: The Refinery 10-5

London, Clapton, E5 8TX

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