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And just as we were out...

We are back in again. But this time round things are slightly different. Not all massage therapist and shops are allowed to open. Clients are often confused as to why. So it's a good time to ask why.

Lockdown Rules

Earlier this year a great change occurred within the massage and bodywork industry. Massage therapist were recognised for their work and Soft Tissue therapist were recognised for what they contribute to the industry. Although put under the same umbrella different styles of massage have different aims. Which is why some treatments have not been allowed to go ahead during the 2nd lockdown. So what are they?

Who can be treated?

It was decided that as massage is close contact work, unless a treatment could be clinically justified, it should not be done. So what is a clinically justified and who can do it.

In some ways you can split massage into two roads. There is the relaxing, beauty type of massage that you generally get in hotels and massage houses. Then there is the sports and remedial type that you mainly find in clinics.

What we know as holistic and relaxing massage, has been closed down. This includes aromatherapy, reflexology, face massage deep tissue, Swedish and deep tissue. These are great massages for flushing the body out. They are noninvasive, gentle and will move the system. Draining and relaxing the body. The oils will nourish and moisturise the skin. Improving skin tone and mood. Who doesn't want that.

However, if you want to prevent or are recovering from an injury. Maybe you have had an operation and are suffering from scar tissue or have given birth and need to aid your recovery. Or your work might be suffering from bad posture habits. This is where sports and remedial massage comes into play.

A Soft Tissue Therapist is trained to approach the body very differently. Just as an osteopath manipulates and corrects the skeletal system. Our aim is to manipulate and manage the rehabilitation of soft tissues. This includes muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments and more. We use advanced techniques that aim to promote recovery from a soft tissue injury.

This is why physio's and remedial massage therapists are allowed to stay open. It's an important part of the recovery process.


If you have an issues that is stopping you from working and living to your best potential, are recovering from an injury or wondering if you should be going to your GP - contact me directly for a free discussion to see if it is something that can be helped with hands on manual soft tissue work. Issues such as:

  • Lower / mid / upper back pain

  • Hip related issues

  • Sciatica

  • Carpel Tunnel

  • Tension headaches

If you feel you just need a relaxing, weekly maintenance massage. Or you prefer a soothing holistic massage. You need to wait until December 2nd. other wise get in touch about a treatment that will help with uncomfortable injuries.

Don't put yourself at risk with unnecessary travel. Follow the guidelines and stay at home. ​

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