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🌺 Imbolic…In the Belly of the Mother.

We had New Year. If you found January difficult... maybe February is your New Year.

February 1st was Imbolic. A Celtic Pagen fire festival. Imbolic means "In the Belly" and marks the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar.

It points towards nature. This is the time of year that seeds, plants and trees are starting to wake up and get ready to bloom. We are exactly half way towards the summer solstice.

Being in the belly is so important. It's were we feel our 'gut feelings'. It's where we process and quite literally let go of unwanted emotions. It's where life begins. Not just physical life. Our creativity lives too.

It's also were we breath into.

When we use our diaphragm to it's full potential. It crosses over into the belly. Pushing, relaxing, calming and keeping the digestive and lymph system moving and feeding the brain.

Imbolic is also connected to Bridget of Kildare. A Celtic Goddess. She owned land, brought art, education and spirituality to people. She looked after women. Was pretty bad ass and said to have been in a relationship with a women Darlughdach, who was broken hearted after she passed.

She still inspires and is one of my favourite Celtic Goddess. She reminds me to keep learning, supporting people, moving forward and to create. To be my own women.

It also reminds me that, when a flower doesn't bloom - you fix the environment in which it grows - not the flower.

Massage, bodywork and movement all prepare the soil for growth and new creativity. February is perfect for a full body MOT or to start dealing with those tissue issues that hold you back. 🌺

Wishing you all a creative and healthy month of new ideas!

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