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Change is uncomfortable. But, out of that change comes a release.

It’s been a strange year

Coming back to work has been a joy and an eyeopener. As a therapist, we are aware of the benefits a massage will provide you. It’s why we do it. We believe in it and we have experienced it. Both personally and through every client that has entered our therapy rooms.

Returning from lockdown was different. Those who I treated weekly, felt different. The absence of weekly treatments was really evident. People have cried, laughed and struggled trying to explain their feelings. Their existence. Why they were there. Some were up front. “I’ve been alone for 4 months, I need to be touched. I need to connect.

Before lockdown, maybe about 3 out of 10 people laughed because parts of the treatment tickled. That’s normal. You feel ticklish when there is tension in the muscle. After lockdown, almost everyone has laughed on the table from feeling ticklish. And in the most bizarre places. The calf. The hamstrings. The deltoid! In all my years of treating people, I have never experienced so much of this. It’s been lovely. It’s opened conversation. A real shared experience.

One this is for sure. They have all left treatment room different. They changed. I changed. Because body work is not just about loosing and re-alining the body. Yes, it will increase blood flow, stretch the muscle, encourage lymph drainage. Release joints. Increase oxygen flow to the brain and tissue. Improving skin and muscle tone.

It will also do a lot, lot more. It will give you space to think. To feel. To develop a new awareness of your body. Where you are at within yourself. It will connect you. Mind, body and spirit.

And it can be uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. But, out of that change comes a release.

You’re breathing improves. Your back and shoulders feel better. You stand taller. More up-right. You feel calmer. You make better decisions because you have a new perception. Of yourself and your surroundings. You sleep better. Move better. It makes you want to be a better person to yourself.

There can be a lot of selling blurb around holistic health and living. What people don’t tell you, is that only you can heal yourself. You have to make that decision to go on that journey. You have to be open to your treatment. To yourself. What it brings up or calms down. You have to search for it. Find out what’s works for you. So many people go for a massage expecting to be ‘healed’, or ‘fixed’. They go in angry. Fighting the process. You can’t do that. Sometimes what we want - is not what we need. It’s a continual process that you must commit to and do when you can. There is no quick fix when working with the only home you will ever really own. But when it does change. It changes fast. And you really feel it. On so many levels.

When I treat, I work from different angles. Thai, sports, deep tissue, myofascally. I’m also qualified in aromatherapy and other skills. I source my own essential oils. You may have sniffed them out in the treatment room. You can also purchase them to bring home and extend the treatment experience. I don’t mention “holistic” massage, because to me it’s all holistic. From the moment you make the booking. It is all part of your healing journey. You have chosen to be here. When you enter my treatment room - my part of the chain is to try help you discover what works for you. My aim is always the same:

To facilitate your healing process.

This has been such an uncomfortable year for most people. The light from the tunnel has been the fact that people have returned - wanting to connect. With themselves and those around them. To stop fighting with themselves. It has actually pushed people into wanting change. To heal and move forward.

Massage and bodywork is more important now than ever. People are realising that it is more than just a relaxing, beauty treatment. It is intricate to our physical and mental health. It is a highly underestimated form of healthcare. It goes hand in hand with daily living. As Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine once said in Greece around 460 BC - probably sitting in the sunshine soaking up his vitamin D and sucking on a juicy orange for his antioxidants - “The physician must be acquainted with many things and most assuredly with rubbing”. Great man!

It’s been a strange year, but there is still time. We are still living and we have that to be grateful for.


To book in for a treatment you can book directly via the MindBody App. Ring The Refinery, Holistic Health or contact me directly via to discuss a time that works for you.

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