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Have Heart...part 1

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

From womb to the death bed, our heart might skip a beat - but it will never stop.

"Go to your bosom, knock there and ask your heart..."

The heart starts beating in the unborn fetus before the brain has even been formed. And it is the last organ in the body to stop. It is associated with love, lust, compassion, affection and understanding. Complex and simple. It reflects every kind of emotion.

It has connotations of the soul, will and courage.

Emotions are centered in the brain, but when we experience a powerful emotion, adrenaline pours into the blood. Increasing blood pressure and accelerating the heart. Resulting in what we intellectually connect to the heart - love, loss, grief...

In fact, in recent years researchers have confirmed what poets long suspected - extreme stress can literally break your heart. Yes, broken heart syndrome really does exist. It mainly affects women and can lead to other issues over time.

If your heart does not feel calm and regular (singing) it is irregular, fast or slow (screaming). Telling you that something - somewhere - is not happy. Where that starts is from your story.

"Go to your bosom, knock there and ask your heart...what it doth know."

- William Shakespeare.

Expose your heart.

When life knocks us back, we tend to loose our posture. We slump forward. Like we're tired. Like we have something to protect. And in a way we do. Our heart.

As soon as you start to protect your heart, you stop moving forward in life. We walk and sit in positions that hide it. Suffocate it. I often think that if the job we do, does not ignite joy in us - it very often ignites bad posture. A silent message telling us to do what our heart love's to do!

We often underestimate the strength of our heart. No matter what happens in life. It is there for us. It wants to lead us forward. By trying to protect it. You are limiting yourself. You are limiting your hearts ability to love, forgive and be brave. And by doing that, you are also limiting it's ability to support you physically. Loneliness is one one of the biggest killers in society. A closed heart can cause heart disease and other illnesses.

You need to look after your posture. Your body needs to breath, both physically and metaphorically. Your organs need the space to move. You heart is no different. Plus as animals, we are more attracted to people who are open. We trust people who lead with their hearts.

A heart is not judged by how much you love; but by how much you are loved by others.

- The Wizard of Oz

The vascular system is amazing.

No matter what happens in life. Heres a few things the vascular system never stops doing.

  • We have about 60,000 miles of blood vessels running through our bodies.

  • The Vascular system is made from smooth muscle.

  • Our heart pumps 1.5 million barrels of blood during our entire lifetime.

  • Men have an average of 5.6 litres of blood while a female body contains about 4.5 litres of blood.

  • More than 400 gallons of blood are filtered by our kidneys. Every. Single. Day. The Kidneys are also responsible for regulating the production of red blood cells.

  • Almost 1/4th of total cells in human body are red blood cells.

  • Red blood cells have no nuclei and so, they cannot multiply through cell division. As a result, red blood cells simply die out after 120 days. Nearly 2 million of them die every second and nearly 2 million more are produced in bone marrow every one second so that they can replace the dead red blood cells.

  • The Liver holds about 12% of our blood.

  • Blood also consists white blood cells known as granulocyte. These cells are really important for our immune system. They roll along the blood vessel walls trapping and destroying harmful bacteria.

  • Blood vessels located in the nose increase when someone catches cold. This keeps the nose warm, increasing mucus production and creating a runny nose.

The heart speaks.

In 1991, neurocardiologist Dr. J. Andrew Armour introduced the term “heart brain.” He said the "heart possessed a complex and intrinsic nervous system that is a brain." Just like the gut is considered a second brain.

The more bodywork I do, the more I believe in the intelligence of each organ. I really believe that a lot of 'feelings' we have are actually what individual organs 'feel' like. And if you can 'feel' them, they are not happy. Because really we should not be a-wear of the workings of our body. It just happens. I think it's really important to not get stuck in our heads - we need to come back to our bodies. And listen to it. Pay it some attention. Say thank you. By eating well. Moving. Resting. Acknowledging it. And encouraging it to heal.

Massage your Heart

Massage is fantastic for moving the system and encouraging it to drain and flow into areas that are blocked. A weekly massage will boost the immune system. Give those white blood cells a helping push. It puts a glow in your checks and clarity in your thinking because the brain is also reaping the benefits of the blood flow.


In our next blog we will look at how massage helps boost the vascular system and encourages it to work in a stronger, calmer way. What happens when we move tissue. And the ripple effect it has on the rest of the body.

In the meantime - drink more water! Try make sure it's warm. Go on, you can do it! 💧💧


For bookings and enquiries click here to discuss a time and treatment that works for you.

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